Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Is anything delivered to my home?

Answer:   All material is digital and acessed online in a secure members only web site. Nothing is physically mailed to you.

Question:  Is MTX a robot?

Answer:  No it’s not.  It is a group of MT4 indicators that  do our proprietary analysis to provide high probability entry points.  These entry points will be shown on your chart with an arrow.  Once the arrow appears you will  need to do a couple of quick mental steps to verify the trade.(Takes 10 seconds)

Question:  Once I’m in the trade does MTX tell me where to get out?

Answer: Yes it does.  We have a trade management indicator that guides you along as the trade is live and shows you the best exits points.  It may be cliche,  but to make big money in trading you have to let your winners run and that’s what this indicator will help you do.  It will help take the anxiety and guesswork out of where to exit your trades.

Question:  What markets can I use this in?

Answer: Any market that your MT4 platform provides data for.

Question:  Do I need to spend a lot of time at my computer?

Answer:  Unless you’re day trading you only need 5 to 15 minutes a day.  What’s more, you can have all the entry signals sent to you via rext or email so that you only need to go to your pc when a new signal has been generated.

Question:  How much can I expect to make?

Answer: That depends on how many markets you trade, whether you are a day trader or swing trader and how much momentum is in the markets.  It also depends on your personal profit goals. Some traders are happy to call it a day after they’re up 10 pips and others need 50.  Our personal goals at MTX is to focus more on swing trading as that’s where the 300 plus pip trades can happen.

Question: If this is so good why are you selling it?

Answer: To make money.  All smart businessmen leverage their efforts and this is a way for us to leverage all the time and money we’ve put into trading over the years. Also if we can help you make money and in turn make some money then everyone wins.

Question:  Can you absolutely guarantee I’ll make money?

Answer: Of course not and the law prohibits anyone from promising a guaranteed return.  In fact if someone guarantees a return then run as fast as you can.

Question:  There’s a lot of programs out there, why should I choose yours?

Answer:  Our team has a combined 35 years of experience. Would you rather work with decades of real world experience or someone who’s been dabbling in forex for a couple years?  Also few people have had the access that we have to hedge fund traders.  This access is priceless.

Question:  Do you make MTX for any other platform like Ninja Trader or Trade Station?

Answer:  Not currently but we will be working on it in the new year.

Question:  Is it really as easy as you say to learn?

Answer:  While we can’t speak for everyone, we think most people will learn the strategies quite quickly.  Keep in mind that understanding the system  alone won’t make you an experienced trader.  You still need to spend a lot of time demo trading to get the feel for things. After you get good at demo trading then you need to put in your time with a lot of live trades to truly get good at this.

Question:  Why don’t you have any account statements?

Answer: You ever hear of Photoshop?  Too often most of the statements you see are bogus or they are from a demo account which doesn’t mean crap in the real world.  By showing actual charts of where our software gave trade signals we have no way to fake it. Feel free to look up these trades on your own charts and judge for yourself.  In addition we are now doing real-time videos of us entering live real money trades.  This way there is no room for any “Funny Business” and you will be able to see for yourself how well we do in the heat of live trading.

Question: How much do you risk on a trade?

Answer:  We suggest 0.25% to 1%.  If you want to be more aggressive then 2%.

Question: Is this more suited for day trading or swing trading?

Answer:  It does both equally well, but we think for 95% of traders they are better off swing trading.  This is because most traders don’t have the time to stay glued at their computer and also because swing trading is easier and less stressful.

Question: Why do I have to fill out an application, I just want to buy right now.

Answer:  We do this to weed out the “rift raft”.  What your getting when you join the MTX crew is a system based on 35 years of blood sweat and tears and for this reason we only want to share it with people who we feel are really committed to becoming a successful trader.

Question: How do I know my credit card order will be safe?

Answer:  We use the industry standard to handle all credit card transactions.  They use 128 bit encryption.

Question:  What if I need help?

Answer:  When you become a member of the “MTX Tribe” you have access to the expertise of all 3 MTX creators. Therefore you can tap into our collective 35 years experience.  With most systems your lucky if you can even get hold of someone on email.

I trade on multiple computers, how do I get extra copies of MTX 2.0?

Answer:  We charge $100 for each additional licensed copy.