Meet Your MTX Team

Your MTX Software and trading system represents the collective skills, talents and efforts of the MTX Crew which have a combined 35years of trading experience.  Between them, they have spent $110,000 on software, seminars, trading courses, books and videos.  In addition they have collectively logged in well over 25,000 hours of trading and studying the markets real time. What this means for you is that they have spent all the money and done all the pain staking trial and error so that you don’t have to waste your time or hard-earned money.  The bottom-line is they are giving you a short cut to what works so that you can do the very thing that attracted you to trading in the first place – to make money.

The diverse backgrounds of each MTX Team Member is what gives it its strength. By combining their own unique perspectives and backgrounds, it created a powerful synergy that ultimately led to the program you have in your hands today.

Ken Arciga has had an interesting and varied array of experiences. He has spent over a decade as a successful sales executive in hardware and software technology catering to large enterprises and big studios in the Media & Entertainment industry. Ken has also been a professional Newscaster, magazine designer, radio commercial music producer, solo musical artist, cigar importer and distributor, and has started a stolen vehicle tracking business. He served in both the Naval Reserve and National Guard.
Ken has spent the last two years trading a variety of financial instruments including Options, Stocks, Futures and Forex.  Being the youngest member of the team as far as trading experience goes has helped to create a system that is even simpler to use due to his feedback.

Hobbies and interests include track time on his Ducati sportbike, strong espresso, hot rodding his diesel truck, writing music and screenplays, and dabbling in martial arts with a Brown-belt in Gojo-Ryu karate.

Jeffrey Wilde is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic who ran 3 offices in Australia and one in the US.  While still running his offices, fate stepped in and he first learned about the huge money that could easily be made trading commodities.(At least that’s what the brochure said!) He was literally hooked on trading the minute he saw his first technical chart and is still passionate 21 years later.  His 2 decades of trading led him on a long journey to find out what system would really work day in and day out.  MTX is the culmination of his journey.

During the course of his trading career he has actively traded stocks, stock options, commodity futures, commodity options, equity futures, currency futures and forex.

Since 2003 he has written 5 books on trading and taught over 21,000 students in 124 countries.  He loves sharing his knowledge and passion for trading and feels that by teaching others it helps to make him a much better trader.

He resides in Los Angeles California where he enjoys motorcycle riding, running on the beach, yoga, Krav Maga, surfing, visiting the Playboy Mansion and sipping strong espressos at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood.



Sanjay is an accountant having held senior roles both in the financial and business intelligence arena’s for several major fortune 500 companies.   He is a self-taught trader in numerous financial markets, such as the US equities, futures, FX, options, and commodities to name but a few.  Through his 12 years experience in these markets he has runs several recommendation services as well developed proprietary trading platforms for several private institutional clients.

He continues to trade on a private basis, but over the last 4 years his current focus and expertise are:

1) International Commodities Trading
2) Raising Equity, Working Capital, Trade Finance for various vertical markets
3) Real Estate Development

Hobbies and interests: A Black belt in Shotokan Karate (30 years +), 2nd Degree Reiki Master, Running, Reading, and dabbling in meta-physics!  Oh yeah like my peers, love my  double –espresso’s, with a shot of….. !!!!